Our story​

La Suite is a professional wedding visuals & directory service, based in The Netherlands and born from a love for creating art out of raw material. 


We are a collective of three free-spirited women with a creative background in fine arts, photography and [graphic] design. We are devoted to our art and have created La Suite as a platform where we can combine our expertise as individual artists.


As a collective, we design [digital] prints, images and ideas to create a raw, intimate wedding for the contemporary couple.


Kim Booij is a photographer and a dreamer, with an immaculate focus on her lens and on her future. In which love, nature and sustainability play a great part. She specializes in capturing emotion, intimacy, harmony – and she loves to play with natural light. 

Her first camera was given to her on her first Mother’s Day, whilst she was pregnant with her first child. From the moment she carried life she felt a connection that she had to document – children are a great source of inspiration to Kim. They look at their surroundings with such curiosity and wonder. It is this same childlike wonder that Kim uses when she looks through her camera lens. 

Simone Prick is a graphic designer who has made the art of watercolor and soft painterly styles on print her own. She lives in The Hague, near the sea.


Sardinia is her second home where the raw landscape of mountains and rocky shores are a constant inspiration.

Her love for crafting – for creating analog work with the use of pencils, watercolor paints and ink – is reinforced by her love of music. Brushstrokes dance on the canvas in

a dreamy flow. Nature, craftsmanship and music are a lively presence in her work. 

Angela Steuns-Lambriex is a boutique owner and stylist with an exquisite eye for detail. Her style is minimalist and contemporary. She lets the finer details speak – a refined piece of jewelry, a button on the sleeve.


She loves to connect with people and to empower them with Love. Hope. Joy. Her job is to make you feel like yourself on your wedding day and to let you radiate with love and confidence.