Stephanie Paulis



The brand Stephanie Paulis is a Dutch high end clothing brand that represents a purposeful approach to dressing up. We hold a deep passion for ethics and aesthetics. We see beauty anywhere and everywhere and bring this to life through our garments. We embedded our love for ethics in our timeless but modern and on demand product offer. We invite you to come to a stand still and experience beauty in all ways and forms.


The label designs to empower, not to overpower, to perceive the beauty in the detail and to redefine simplicity in its very essence. Strong yet soft. Each piece is designed to uplift and embrace a woman’s personality, to help her connect with her core being. 


The day to night collections are characterized by modern minimalism and timeless elegance, focusing on quality fabrics. With precisely crafted silhouettes, the collection can be loved and worn in multiple ways for many seasons to come.


Born in Italy, made in Amsterdam.

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